Well hello there. Its been too long since my last post. Much has transpired i.e. my toddler started preschool, vacations, a new job, etc. etc.

On the art front a former work colleague asked me to come up with a design for his movie project titled, “22 Fillmore the Movie.” Its a dramatic tale of one man’s downward spiral journey into the depths of his being and its epiphany, whilst a passenger on a most unusual bus ride. You can read about it here as well as on its Facebook page.

Using his suggestions as a starting point I sought to capture the gritty feel of the dark plot line. In addition I incorporated the ‘fantasy’ aspects from the script. Thumbnail sketches to the final design was done entirely in Photoshop.

Process 22 Fillmore Movie

The film is currently in its pre-production phase, but I will be interested to see how this movie turns out…

Perhaps some of you kind souls will feel compelled to kick down a few bucks to get this movie realized. You can do so through their Indiegogo campaign.

22 Fillmore Movie

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